It’s time to cool down. Looking back at my own experience and how Ayurveda has altered not only my daily lifestyle and habits but my awareness, I am amazed at the knowledge it can bring to you to change any situation for the better. This awareness brings a level of […]

Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

3/18/22 Are you ready for an Ayurvedic Spring cleanse?  Spring is a time for new beginnings, growth and renewal. The flower are budding and a renewed sense of joy, positivity and celebration of birth is offered. The moment you step into the awareness of letting go, releasing, and developing peace

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Ayurveda for Pain Management

Sedentary lifestyle and less physical activity are detrimental to our spines. Many medications and pain relievers come with side-effects and temporary relief. The lack of education around options need to change drastically. It is reported that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from chronic pain. As a modern society, pain is

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Meditation When did meditation start in your life? It is something that comes up when looking back at my journey. Over 16 years ago I was introduced to a meditation teacher that worked with me while I was suffering from exhaustion, immune system issues and body pain. Burning the candle

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GRATITUDE Throughout times of struggle and stress, the one component that brings me back to pure joy is gratitude. Mental strain and emotional stress can drain your resources and sap your energy, increasing cortisol and lowering daily energy allowance. Taking care of yourself is a must. In support of that,

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Going through any health issue, emotional, physical or mental stress can be a burden. Finding ways to rid your mind of stress is important. As a certified health coach, I find daily meditation two times a day improves stress levels, including deep-breathing techniques, and guided recorded meditations on apps. When

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So, you’re considering taking up yoga as a practice? Well you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re trying to get back in, or a complete beginner. Our top 10 list will surely help you succeed. Breathe Breathing brings your center of attention to the present moment. If you want

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