After living for a year in one of the Blue Zones in the world, I started to think about how their way of living and Ayurvedic principles for longevity go hand in hand. I spent a fair amount of time in Nicoya and noticed how their value systems were robust […]

Testimonial Spotlight

“I reached out to Linda Webb as I recognized her name from working together at a former employer in the healthcare industry. I remembered her as a warm, articulate, sharp-minded person and saw that she had devoted herself to helping others improve their lives across multiple areas. After facing several

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Ayurveda has a unique way of showing us our daily habits and what works or doesn’t work for us. When we look at our day, we have to look into our internal clocks’ patterns and how they are working or not working for us. It is not only “what” we

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The mind-gut connection started over 5,000 years ago from Ayurvedic Healing. Through the robust healing science of Ayurveda,  many lives have changed, including mine.  The goal is to heal the whole internal system, as everything is connected to the flow of nature’s rhythm. Working with individuals, I have seen how

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Women’s Day, Everyday

Today, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, we can reflect on how strong and resilient we are as women. Through the pain, we get more courageous, and through the gratitude, we can spark joy in a blink of an eye.  I believe women make the world such a beautiful place

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Cherish Nature’s Connection

The heart truly needs connection. Working with individuals in my Ayurvedic practice, I have seen how isolation has continued to be a way of life and, over time, dismisses the need for human connection. It is instead replaced with Netflix. Throughout my study and practice with Ayurveda, I have guided

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