Daily Habits Reflect Your Future Self

Daily Habits over the years have not only improved my health but have also reflected my strengths. For me, a daily, if not weekly, a habit consists of getting out into nature. Over the past decade (especially the last four years due to the pandemic), I would either go on a nature trail or hike almost daily and get centered/ shift my senses while calming the mind. The beautiful experience of nature has genuinely changed my life. My health, my happiness, my healing, and my growth.  It changed me. Not only in times of healing, reflection, or sadness but also in times of peace, joy, and celebration, she was always there through every stage. She is always there.

What I love about experiencing the serenity of nature is its calming essence. Taking the time to reflect and clear a new path for myself led me to the next chapter. Through my senses, I observe. Whatever arises, I embrace, reflect, and see a shift on a cellular level.  Nature brings us the stillness and silence within us, reflects it on us, and teaches us about being grateful every second on this earth. I  also release what I need to let go of. Therefore, being out in nature and hiking brings me empowerment. Regarding daily habits, we all have those that work for us. For the individual needs that can heal us, making us the best version of ourselves.

When we set ourselves and our health up for success, we grow to develop habits. I tell the individuals I work with that it is imperative to set up routines as this keeps our Doshas in balance.  Consistency is key for health. When we set our intentions on living in harmony with nature, we are able to move beyond just the physical. Ayurveda supports this new way of life. In various ways.

You can truly change your life when you start to look at your daily habits. Small actions can add up and are significant in our progression.  Daily habits are imperative for not only the mind but also the gut. It helps determine our relationships with ourselves and others.

When you follow nature’s rhythm, you start to see a shift in the whole self. My work with others involves guiding them to take charge of their health. Setting up a daily routine that works are vital to long-term success and consistency. Ayurveda, for over 5,000 has placed this importance on the fundamentals that make the most significant changes and are proven to change lives.

Consistent changes

Everything can be a reflection of your daily habits. Even small fundamentals that I see shift individuals can be relatively simply applied at the beginning of the process, including:

  • Getting outside in nature
  • staying hydrated
  • drinking warm water with lemon in the am
  • eating meals on a regular timed schedule
  • taking breaks from technology to go within.
  • daily meditation

Silence and stillness can sometimes be the most underutilized daily actions that one can take. Keeping the calm and stillness within can elevate us in a world that can be loud and full of noise.

Consistency is vital in making silence and stillness part of your day. There are many specifics to individuals’ routines, as everyone is unique. As a qualified practitioner, I can help navigate it to each person to bring their internal system back into balance. That is what I love about Ayurveda, how it empowers a daily rhythm to change someone from the inside out. Sometimes a complete detox for your whole system can get your mind and body back in gear for a fresh start. A much-needed system cleanup can be essential to tweak your daily habits and start from scratch.

Throughout my Panchakarma treatments pre and post-procedure, a healthy habitual gut and mind routine can be sustained as the process can move you into the Sattvic state. Once you clear the toxins from your system, you don’t want to shift backward since your mind is calm and clear. Your stamina is increased by following a consistent routine. The clarity of the mind and feeling light can sustain when you dedicate yourself to following the diet and lifestyle provided by the practitioner.

Ayurveda tells us that Agni, our digestion, is crucial to longevity. Following daily habits that match this journey is vital for progression, and I guide individuals to discover what is best for their unique journey.

Daily habits are personal to your journey. When you change your habits, you change yourself. Just a reminder to constantly reflect on your practice, as that is part of mastering your daily habits. Your future self will thank you.

-Amani Mind

“Daily Habits consists of Daily Reflection.” Amani Mind

March 26th 2023

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