Testimonial Spotlight

“I reached out to Linda Webb as I recognized her name from working together at a former employer in the healthcare industry. I remembered her as a warm, articulate, sharp-minded person and saw that she had devoted herself to helping others improve their lives across multiple areas. After facing several traumatic events during the pandemic, including the sudden passing of my otherwise perfectly healthy mother, I wanted to take more control of my mental and physical well-being. In our first session together, Linda took me through exercises to quickly ascertain my characteristics and overall makeup, and within a day, she recommended a simple, realistic plan that incorporated diet, supplements, mental and physical exercises, and bedtime routines that have made a world of difference. I am more present with my family, I have learned to enjoy the ‘little things’ that nature and life bring us daily, and I have been able to move off medications that I used to depend on for sleep. Overall, I am in a much happier place with more energy than I had twenty years ago, and I am grateful that I sought out Linda’s services and would recommend her to everyone.”

Chris E.

Senior Executive

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