Simple Living for Health and Happiness

Simple living is a spiritual practice that can change our health and, ultimately, our life. It comes with intention and meaningful experiences over possessions.  My experience understanding simple living in gratitude started after going to places and different cultures outside the United States that practiced this as a way of life, in countries where people’s nature is truly in all aspects protected and loved.  Our fast-paced way is full of disconnectedness and anxiety.  However, when cherished and practiced, simplicity can be a beacon of hope and inner contentment. 

During my travels, I see other places embrace gratitude for even the smallest things through rituals, which many individuals, primarily in the United States, take for granted. It is not about materialism, social media, Netflix, or consumerism. It is the smallest gestures and the minute pleasures that are full of life and love. The power of loving family and spending time with them at dinner. A gesture of giving even when you might not have much. A helping hand to strangers that starts with a warm smile. What matters most is health, and love for family is a consistently practiced priority. When it comes to health, this practice of simplicity and gratitude applies daily from the moment we wake up. When we shape our thoughts to appreciation and express it, we shape how our bodies respond and our heart expands.

What is Improved by Simplicity: happiness, reduced stress, healthy aging, clarity,  meaningful relationships, and open space for more inspiration and more.

Ayurveda means the “knowledge of life: and it is indeed the science of life that starts from simple changes.  Small steps we can take daily and embed into our life can aid longevity. The ancient wisdom nature has here for a reason, so we use the knowledge provided.  Many years ago, after going to doctors, I thought the more complicated something was to try, it must be unique and work. More supplements, more to-do’s, the list would go on. The fact is that when you live in harmony with nature and follow even fundamental changes in your lifestyle, you start to see a shift in your sense of self and how you feel from the inside out. Your life begins to improve. Daily we can practice small changes that can reshape our thinking and fulfill life.

When we start to dive into what we need and how we can approach our habits differently, our journey takes us to the next place we should be. Mindful actions create a world of listening to ourselves and knowing that small actions can be the significant shifts we need.

Ten tips to take for simple changes that can go a long way in Ayurveda

  1. Practicing gratitude by waking up daily and saying thank you to yourself. Gratitude is powerful and can reshape our minds, emotions, and day.
  2. Performing a local Abhyanga ( oil massage) to your body before you show. When we nourish ourselves, we are practicing self-love
  3. Adding spices to our meals to support digestion, Agni is imperative in Ayurveda. Sluggish or ( manda agni ) can slow down our metabolism and keep us feeling low.
  4. Taking a break from the phone/ computer. Taking a deep breath and sitting in silence when we can. The alone time that we need for ourselves without the constant noise in the modern world
  5. Ridding or removing “things” that take up space. When we remove clutter, we also open up more space in our minds and our heart
  6. Picking up the phone or taking a walk with a loved one/ friend. This will nourish your relationships and keep our hearts full.
  7. What creates memories that you love? Doing what we love for an hour a day. Is it taking pictures of nature? Playing with animals? Prepping for your next travel adventure? Writing or reading a book? Go with what feeds and excites that positively impacts ourselves and others.
  8. As an Ayurvedic Practitioner I also suggest drinking warm water throughout the day or warm tea. It can bring warmth to our digestion and aid in removing toxins when practiced regularly
  9. Moving our bodies in a way that fits us and what we need. Pushing too hard or performing an exercise that we might not like but is a chore isn’t healthy or productive in the long run. Choosing what makes you feel happy and listening to what makes your body feel good
  10. Go where your body feels best. Is it a break to the ocean? Is it a field of flowers?  Absorbing surroundings that you like and choosing a diet that fits your body type and imbalances can get you back on track. —- More to come

Embracing nature’s intention and simple ways of living naturally can open up a new experience, healthy lifestyle, and Love for yourself and others. I just wanted to let you know there is more to come…


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