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Linda Webb

Preventative Healthcare Leader | Delivery Networks and Health Systems | Board Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner | Restorative Yoga Instructor | Reiki Master

Teaching Self Care Through Ayurveda

Mind, Body, and Spirit​

For Patients

Not feeling well emotionally, physically or spiritually? Linda conducts one-on-one personalized Ayurvedic consultations and puts you on the path toward a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

For Doctors

Need advisement on incorporating eastern wellness into your practice’s strategies? Amani Mind will equip your practitioners with the know-how and resources to succeed.

For Friends

Are you an integrative health and wellness practitioner? Connect to share resources, talk shop, and join the Amani Mind network of valuable service providers for hundreds of customers seeking a destressed, painless lifestyle nationwide.

Ayurvedic practitioner

Stay Mindfully Connected

Educate yourself with on topics such as auto-immune disorders, restorative yoga, ayurveda medicine, meditation, reiki healing, women’s health, nutrition, fertility, endocrinology, oncology, overcoming stress, decreasing anxiety, and lessening your reliance on prescriptions.

Why Choose Amani Mind

Documented success in preventative health focused on early detection, bio health, and molecular diagnostics within large hospital systems, coupled with training and certifications in restorative yoga, reiki, meditation, neuro-linguistic programming and ayurveda.

Bridging the gap between western medicine and eastern healing

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