Women’s Day, Everyday

Today, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, we can reflect on how strong and resilient we are as women. Through the pain, we get more courageous, and through the gratitude, we can spark joy in a blink of an eye.  I believe women make the world such a beautiful place not only by embracing our powerful voices, by our unstoppable presence. How we carry ourselves and bring forth our courage to stand together sets us apart.  Each one of us genuinely becomes a lighthouse when we lend a hand to those in need. Happiness is an unwavering substance of pure joy. Our power is transformed when we can unite, lift each other up, and stand for what we believe in. 

So today is a day to reflect on how many women in our lives have inspired each one of us to be the best versions of ourselves.  Know that this magnetic inspiration is in each of us regardless, which is why we never give up. That is true strength when we can also stand on our own and be ourselves without following the crowd. For those who have experienced hardships, our commonality brings a gift where we can stand firm together. Each one of us carries remarkable bravery, and time and time again; we forge ahead. When we light the way for others to show their light, magic happens.

Our goal as women should be to support each other in many facets, as we are each other’s teachers. We understand that everyone has their own individual uniqueness and internal beauty, which makes this life one of a kind. To understand that self-worth doesn’t come from achievements, striving for goals, or validation. Self-worth is inside you. Not from achievements, not from other perceptions, body image, and especially not from social media. It isn’t proving or striving. Self-worth is instead an internal feeling of ultimate freedom.

Self-care should never be taken lightly. It is the foundation of self-love.  When self-care is at the forefront of our daily lives, the power to hold our own and stand our ground shifts drastically.

 My wish for all women is to strive for peace within themselves. To understand why inner radiance can change the world and to know that every day is a new day. That faith is to be held close to our hearts. Just as the Peace Lilly flower can bloom over and over when nurtured, we as women must not lose hope in the beautiful gift of being alive together, and a new start can happen unexpectedly. We can bring peace to the world that is craving it. True freedom lies in your spirit. When you are aware of this, your stillness is the answer. So forge ahead while keeping the compassion strong and know you are more than enough. Women are a gift to the world. 

-Amani Mind


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