Understanding and Loving Your Body: Part 1

Ayurveda has taught me more than I can imagine about understanding my body. When I was young, I wanted to know more about why my body responded the way it did. I needed to understand how and why my body was functioning the way that it was so I could make long-term changes, not quick fixes. Being thankful for my genetics, athletic capabilities, and how my body protected me has always been a blessing. However, I would feel everything, and the minor changes even impacted my immune system. In and out of doctor’s offices, I wanted more of an answer, not a medication refill. Our bodies are complex. When we understand how our body processes thoughts, emotions, food, sensations, and changes in the environment, we can navigate our decisions and self-care in a personalized way and what works for each of us.

Loving your body also means understanding your body. When we tap into this, we can experience joy on many levels. Embracing each moment of our lives in the present moment and listening to what our bodies are trying to tell us can shift us to the next level of awareness.

When we understand the five elements, ether, air, fire, water, and earth, and how they relate to us (our doshas), we can shift how we respond to our internal/ external world and move to a more balanced state of being.  Not only does this maintain our health, but we can experience what we can be and feel. We can tailor our activities and actions when identifying our doshic elements and energies and understanding their qualities. As a Vata Dosha whose qualities are light, dry, rough, transparent, and active, we may experience light sleep or constipation, feeling cold if out of equilibrium. When we understand the effects of what we internalize and how our environment impacts us, we can lean to the subtle opposite qualities of Vata and adjust our choices. When Vata is balanced, we are in Joy. Vibrant, energetic, happy, creative, adaptive, innovative, and clear. When out of balance, we would have disturbed sleep, more nervous energy, or anxious thoughts. Clearing what gets into the way and releasing trapped emotions can allow the body to start to heal itself.

Aligning the body with the feeling of joy and experiencing its happiness comes from a sense of compassion for the body. If out of balance, it’s important to avoid judging what is happening; however, shift to bring in more love and attention. When we practice bringing love and compassion to our awareness, to the parts of the body that need care, we can take the steps to health in a more relaxed approach. Therefore, by Naming the sensations in the body and bringing to those sensations compassion and healing, we start to make healthy changes automatically without much force or resistance. This can reset the body. When we embrace acceptance, our body listens; without being critical, your body thanks you and continues to support you. It’s essential to know how to speak to yourself. This is why I love Ayurveda and guide others to it. The first step is always to bring acceptance and love to the body, making it a loving relationship. Accepting all parts of the body, just like a relationship, means investing time in caring for every part of it. You end up believing in what the divine has provided for you. Forgiving is first, and then all else follows:) I just wanted to let you know more is to come.

-Amani Mind


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