Ayurveda Day for Everyone for Everyday Life

While taking my daily morning stroll, I sat down and was mesmerized by the reflection of the lake in front of me. It so harmoniously mirrored the connection between Earth and nature. It is this same balance we need in our lives, and it is what our world needs now more than ever. Today is Ayurveda Day, a symbol of “Ayurveda for One Health”, which can be part of all our lives, everyone, every day, around the globe.  Each one of us is a reflection of our daily practices, which can nurture us and be spread out to others in a positive way. We should seek this same balance with our environment in our own lives. Ayurveda’s peaceful influences spread internationally with the purpose of aligning us all…  humanity, animals, plants, and the environment. Just like I was able to reflect up next to this lake, I hope you are able to sit down today as well and remember this universal truth…  we are all connected. – Amani Mind

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