I contacted Linda because I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis and was reluctant to take Boniva due to the many side effects. I heard that Ayurvedic medicine could actually help restore my bone loss. Linda was amazing and spent hours with me collecting my medical history, my daily routine with diet, working and exercise. Based on my Dosha and imbalances (part Vata and part Pitta), Linda carefully designed a protocol that included herbs and herbal formulas, a diet wherein I had to eliminate, substitute some routine foods; morning breathing exercises, and lifestyle additions like new supplements/oils. Yoga and light resistance weight training were also added. After two weeks I immediately felt a difference in my body- I was sleeping better, my body was more regulated and I noticed that my clothes were getting looser. I like that the Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment differs from our Western process in that the belief is that our diseases are caused by an imbalance in our body and through thorough examination, identifying the root cause helps the practitioner to implement the proper treatment and medicines to heal and bring our body back into a balanced state. I highly recommend Linda Webb as she is well trained and knowledgeable, caring, patient and compassionate.
- Christine Stiphany
Linda’s approach truly helped changed my life in multiple facets. She has such a passion for learning, deep empathy and listening which comes from her well rounded, warm authenticity and high qualified background. I feel her Ayurvedic holistic approached directed me forward. Her quest for knowledge and understanding helps everyone fortunate enough to have her in their life. Linda personally has healed me in and many ways and brought back my confidence, empowerment and what true self-care looks like. Her healing has helped me personally; mentally, emotionally and physically especially with my gut issues, hormone imbalances while also reducing my overall anxiety. I use to take over the counter medications for stomach pains and chose this path instead as her intuition is truly spot on. She is my “gut healer” and is truly attuned. So Thankful,
- Alison Brock