Cherish Nature’s Connection

The heart truly needs connection. Working with individuals in my Ayurvedic practice, I have seen how isolation has continued to be a way of life and, over time, dismisses the need for human connection. It is instead replaced with Netflix. Throughout my study and practice with Ayurveda, I have guided individuals on the importance of using our senses as nature has intended. The method of building connection. Because of this, I have witnessed a tremendous shift in overall health by implementing daily routines that reinforce this practice.

As humans, we need oxytocin. Oxytocin helps us bond with loved ones and is released through touch, sound, and heart-opening connections.  Through relationships, touch, affirmations, and the feeling of safety.  Oxytocin is a powerful hormone that functions as a neurotransmitter in the brain. According to many studies, our oxytocin levels increase when we express kindness. Kindness in helping others and receiving it through a deep understanding of our senses. Immune systems and hormonal problems start to shift when we increase our levels of connectedness. 

My unique individual journey drew me deep within nature throughout covid times and continued well beyond. Over the past four years, I have become captivated by nature’s ability to heal deep-rooted grief and open up a new level of  self-awareness.  Nature aligns our sense of connection to another form of life. This needed awareness shifts us more to balance our health and takes us on a new path to pure happiness increasing our dopamine levels.

Nature teaches us about who we are. It constantly reminds us what we are and to embrace our authentic selves with open arms. Nature brings self-love and self-compassion as it reflects a peaceful beauty and a mirror reflection of who you are. It is a reminder that everything is truly connected. It teaches us to be gentle and kind as it provides so much to the world; we must treat it like ourselves with utmost care. The concept of the “Biophilia hypothesis” has always intrigued me. It is the idea that humans inherit an innate tendency to seek connections in nature and other life forms. It is the “passionate love of life and of all that is alive.”

My relationship with the natural world is like a magnet. Nature provides so much to our senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling. The richness of life and energy into our souls is provided by nature.  The dependence on technology is steering away our connection to Biophilic behavior and potentially losing the grasp of human respect for the natural world. With this, disease will continue to skyrocket if we lose sight of the genuine connection and healing abilities that nature provides. 

Nature Nourishes and Provides:

  • Development of outdoor skills.
  • Balances our circadian rhythm/ with the sunrise and sunset.
  • Connects us to a deep sense of purpose.
  • Provides a source of inspiration and peace.
  • It brings human attachment to nature in the form of emotional connections to landscapes and animals.
  • Reduces our fight or flight responses and protects our immune system 
  • Effectively uses our five senses to promote overall well-being and health rejuvenation.
  • Improves mental health and spiritual health. 

In one study, individuals who spent even two weeks interacting with nature reported increased life satisfaction and better health than individuals who spent less time in natural environments. 

According to Ayurveda and ancient texts, outdoor sensory experiences promote health and help to balance the doshas. Learning from our earth’s environment is vital to creating an abundant life. It teaches us to stay connected to our innate nature. 

-Amani Mind

3 thoughts on “Cherish Nature’s Connection

  1. I truly believe in the connectedness and healing that is found in nature too. I have gone outside to heal from some of the most traumatic and hurtful experiences of my life these past years. In 2020 I got into nature and took a hike every day. Now in 2023 I’m doing it again. I can’t imagine trying to process, heal and move forward in life without my connection to nature.

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