Important Ayurveda Tips During a Covid Summer

It’s time to cool down.

Looking back at my own experience and how Ayurveda has altered not only my daily lifestyle and habits but my awareness, I am amazed at the knowledge it can bring to you to change any situation for the better. This awareness brings a level of understanding to strengthen your immunity. With all the changes in the world from covid mutations to climate change, worldwide stress, tensions, and conflicts residing in the summer of 2022, its time to put in the self-care work.

With the rising heat occurring in the pitta season summer and all the of the turbulences through our emotions, and minds because of what is happening in the world, this is indeed the time we must cool off and focus on our self-care before reaching a boiling point. Through constant misuse of our senses utilizing computer screens, watching the news while glued to our screens, we need to step back. Studies have shown time and time again that too much time online can increase your overall risk of decreasing your immune system leading to sickness. Those with pitta constitutions have a fiery side, are passionate, and want to make a change in the world. However, we must bring in internal calmness and coolness before striving ahead with a heated body and mind.

Those that immerse themselves in the news and become overly stimulated elevate internal anger and sadness are at a greater level to fall into depression and have sleep issues. Top that off with 100-degree heat waves across the country, political changes pressing internal trigger buttons, and heated actions for change can significantly impact health. When the body pays attention to warning signals and signs, we can make the most difference for ourselves and stay on top of our health. 

These combined can aggravate your Doshas and increase your Vikruti (imbalance) creating systemic changes throughout your internal channels. With the increasing need for socialization and community gatherings this summer, BA5 has taken off in full swing. I have seen clients that go off their everyday healthy routine. Changing their food choices, increasing travel,  increased alcohol consumption, and heightened emotions while having disturbed sleep. This results in weakened immunity. The BA5 variant accounting for 65% of the cases, is better at evading immune protection, so it is essential to follow certain habits daily to protect yourself. Avoid crowded spaces as much as possible and take time to take care of yourself, especially in this “inflamed time” of internal fire and water in our bodies because of pitta season. 

Symptoms early on include with covid include sluggishness, Gi issues, muscle and body aches, headaches, and a slight sore throat. However, everyone’s reaction is different to the strains and based on their system and immunity. My job as a practitioner is to help others become more in balance, bringing the system back to health, reducing the long haul “covid time” or lessening the symptoms, which are extreme consistent cough, fever, chronic fatigue, aches, and pains, runny nose, and congestion. Also, a loss of taste and smell, inability to concentrate, chills, shallow breathing, and mood changes can show up. Throughout the worse days of the virus, it is essential to rest and sleep. Our bodies are yearning for it to recover. We must drink warm liquids and soups such as bone broth and isolate while being kind to ourselves to heal. Days 7-10 can improve; however, the aftermath of covid is just as essential to bring back strength into the body and maintain patience with yourself. I have seen clients who take four weeks or longer to feel like themselves again. Everyone is impacted differently. 

The beauty of Ayurveda can truly help lessen symptoms and help in multiple facets during the hot fiery pitta season while also helping to maintain immunity and help with the recovery of covid. What I noticed personally while experiencing covid and helping others is consistent chronic fatigue and/or lingering cough during the recovery stage of covid. Inflammation can spread and aggravate your doshas at a higher level while depleting your Ojas (the essence of life). So please be kind to yourself and give yourself time to rest and restore this summer. Dont push yourself and stay true to you to restore vitality.


First, in the summer of Arizona, where many of my clients reside, with the dryness and heat combined, it is essential to lubricate the body and provide steam (opposite of the dryness quality). The world is getting hotter, and depending on where you reside can easily disturb your constitution, especially if you are Pitta constitution. 

  • When waking up in the morning, administer a whole body Abhyanga with warm coconut oil ( since it is pitta season, this is important)

– Stay offline as much as you can or take breaks. Staying informed can be a pull, but limiting screen time can reap the rewards. Absorbing nurturing and loving elements into your daily life, such as animals, nature, and supportive friends is vital to increase happiness and decrease negativity. 

Get Moving in relaxed Environments:

– Get to Nature. Close to water. Oceans, Lakes, or even your bathtub. Dive in and cool off. 

  • Too much overheating type exercise is not the way to go. Cooling exercises such as Yin yoga and swimming can be great this season. Daily movement is critical as the summer heat increases a sedentary lifestyle which can clog the system and weaken immunity. 
  • Add in cooling breathing exercises to reduce stress and calm the mind. 


  • Avoid acidic types of foods such as eggplant and alcohol. Avoid fatty foods and refined sugars
  • Reduce body heat with mint or peppermint tea, coconut water, and pomegranate juice
  • Add spices such as coriander, cardamom, coconut, cilantro, and lime to your meals
  • Lean towards cooling foods such as mung beans, coconut-based soups, asparagus, watermelon, and sweet yogurts

Internal work:

  • For boosting immunity, continue with elderberry, vitamin D and zinc, ginger teas
  • Add in Amalaki to boost your immune system and keep the liver cool ( contact me for specific instructions and dosages on this herb)
  • Drink warm golden milk to increase strength in the body daily, and add a handful or dates or raisins to improve internal energy.

For personalized consultation and more information, please get in touch with me directly.

Stay Well

-Amani Mind 

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