Ayurveda for Pain Management

Sedentary lifestyle and less physical activity are detrimental to our spines. Many medications and pain relievers come with side-effects and temporary relief. The lack of education around options need to change drastically. It is reported that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from chronic pain. As a modern society, pain is becoming a daily issue especially with smartphone overuse and the use of the oldest surviving healing system of Ayurveda is needed more than ever before.

In Sanskrit, “Kati” means lower back and “Basti” means to retain. A personalized warm oil mixed with medicinal healing properties of many herbs is applied on the area of discomfort absorbing deep into the body providing true healing. “Greeva” means neck and this old age treatment is used to address acute and chronic neck issues that reduce the overwhelming issue of quality of life.

Herbal oils are applied to the back to resolve the pain and stiffness. It absorbs deep into the back healing any underlying conditions providing therapeutic benefits. Most likely you will feel so relaxed you may fall asleep during this treatment. I love providing pain relief to those that are looking for options beyond western medicine and way from treatments that aren’t necessarily long lasting. Seeing first hand how chronic pain interferes with daily activities, self care and mental health many suffer not knowing the direction forward. From years of being involved in sports, active hiking and injuries even from whiplashes due to care accidents I moved away over 18 years ago from the western approach to holistic care such as chiropractic care, massage, strength conditioning, acupuncture, reiki and Ayurveda. All have helped through my journey unraveling the layers needed to resolve my underlying injuries/pain. The need is the power of Ayurveda, which I have seen with my patients and applied for years,  can provide long lasting result. Ayurveda penetrates to the deepest layers with its wisdom for a long term approach. “The pain discussion in our country needs to expand beyond popping a pill”. Amani Mind

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